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Espresso Equipment
Nuova simonelli espresso machines - The brand was born in 1936 and now leading the global market with specialist espresso equipment
Roast House PTY Ltd was developed with the support & expertise from R&R coffee Culture.
Technical Services
Morrico was originally born as a technical support company importing original spare parts for all espresso machines. Over the years our range has increased and we now
Personalised Blends
Our association with ROAST HOUSE (as well as other top South Africa roasters) has allowed Morrico to offer personalized coffee roasting solutions
Latest Products
nuova simonelli aurelia

Aurelia is the traditional espresso machine dedicated to best baristas and coffee shop who offer speciality coffee. Aurelia is the Word Barista Championship official...
nuova simonelli musica

Dedicated to those who want to enjoy an espresso that tastes like it comes from a bar at home, in the office, in small communities and in B&Bs
nuova simonelli
black eagle

VA388 Black Eagle  is the espresso machine for all those who dedicate their lives to coffee; who study, research and experiment every day to transfer a real coffee experience to the cup