Victoria Arduino offers its first machines with a lever delivery system to the market at the end of the Second World War, in 1946. The materials used for the internal and external components make it a precious espresso machine. Its bodywork, entirely hand-hammered by expert craftsmen, is an expression of uniqueness and tradition that is also reflected in the cup result, a perfect espresso.

The ancient art of coffee still lives on today

Athena Leva is the espresso machine so loved by espresso professionals. Its lever delivery system guarantees a very high level of personalization of the drink, but at the same time a high level of competence on the part of the bartender.

Passionate heart, green soul

Athena Leva is part of Ongreening, a web portal dedicated to environmental sustainability that spreads the best green building practices all over the world, encouraging the sharing of knowledge.

between history
and technology


The lever, between history and technology

The operation of Athena Leva is elementary and intuitive and, given the simplicity of the movements and mechanisms, the machine is extremely durable over time.

The lever extraction system

The lever system of the professional coffee machine allows the barista to manually modulate the pre-brewing time at each brewing: when the lever is lowered, the hot water from the boiler enters the group by wetting the coffee panel. The more the bartender keeps the lever lowered, the longer the pre-infusion phase will be. The good professional waits for the first drops of coffee to come out of the spout to raise the lever; this means that water has permeated the entire panel of coffee. To have an effective pre-infusion, the water inlet pressure in the group should not exceed 2 bar.