Black Eagle Maverick it is now also available in Gravitech version with dedicated software and integrated scales.

Black Eagle Maverick it is the intelligent, sustainable and easy to use coffee machine. It offers not only a little ’ more control, but the complete domain on temperature, steam and extraction also thanks to Gravitech, the gravimetric technology even more precise and performing.

The Gravitech version allows the bartender to have a high level of consistency and control over the entire extraction, by reading the weight of the espresso coffee or Pure Brew in the cup directly from the group display. “ With Black Eagle Maverick we have introduced two important improvements to gravimetric technology – explains Claudio Cingolani, Simonelli Group Chief Engineer. “ The plate with scale is weight-sensitive, automatically and instantly detecting one or more weight changes due to the positioning of cups or containers. Each recipe based on expressed or of Pure Brew thus has its ideal setting to bring the experience the bartender wants to offer. We then introduced a system that detects and controls the flowrate of each type of extraction to guarantee the maximum precision and therefore the right weight in each cup. Thanks to gravimetric and volumetric sensors, the new algorithm constantly monitors and controls the flowrate. By checking the amount of water, and taking into account the dropping phase, the algorithm calculates the correct stop moment of the flow to obtain the quantity of espresso or Pure Brew defined by the recipe. The result is an unmatched consistency and a strong reduction in waste ”.

That’s how we gave Maverick a further sustainable technological solution which, once again, revolutionizes the way of making coffee.

The Black Eagle Maverick in gravimetric version it is also enriched with a new one design detail which makes it immediately recognizable: the Victoria Arduino logo in red enamel characterizes each group.