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Aurelia Wave

Riding the wave

Aurelia Wave is an excellent machine for all those looking for high productivity and consistency. The latest innovations incorporated into the Aurelia Wave make it a reliable machine, which allows the customer to be offered top quality coffee and guarantee minimum energy consumption.

Appia Life

a Guarantee of success

Appia Life is created based on the success of the Appia. With its high productivity and high performance, this machine is appreciated by thousands of baristas worldwide.
Simple and innovative.

Talento Touch

Real coffee with a touch

Talento is a solid, robust and performing machine. The brew group incorporates all the know-how of the technology of traditional machines in order to extract coffee and milk-based drinks of the highest quality.


Variety at your fingertips

Microbar II is the compact superautomatic machine dedicated to restaurants, coffee corners and offices, where you don’t want to give up the pleasure of good quality coffee despite having limited volumes.


Simple, fast and silent

Prontobar is the ideal super-automatic machine for those who want to have high-quality and high-productivity espresso, cappuccino and other drinks in their room, but also extremely simple to use and compact in size.


Music immediately strikes you as a high quality professional product, and in fact, it can help anyone make good coffee like a professional barista.


Oscar II is a performance machine thanks to professional components such as the filter holder, the heat-compensated group and the high productivity steam wand. 


We’re strong, determined, precise. We leave nothing to chance. Our strength is to make coffee machines that are always technically perfect, which makes them totally reliable.
You can count on Nuova Simonelli