Black Eagle Maverick

Taste a new, unique and refined filter coffee.

Introducing the Black Eagle Maverick, our most intelligent and user-friendly coffee machine to date. Here we will take you through our journey, what inspired the Maverick concept and how we brought our creation to life. We’ll take you through the key stages of the machine’s development, from the inside to the outside, before touching on some conversations with the baristas, those Mavericks that have turned the humble cup of coffee into something beyond a form of art.

Innovation inspires genius

From the beginning, we aimed to make the invisible,visible. We took our cue from the achievements of the great and the good of the past when the Maverick, a person who quite literally refuses to follow the customs or rules of a group, discovered a moment of genius through key technological innovations of the 20th Century.

Apply the same logic to the barista and the noble coffee machine, when a collision of creative forces and bespoke technology can result in one, perfect, cup of coffee. But as we all know, there is an ocean of disparity between an ordinary cup of coffee, and one that has the ability to fundamentally alter the dynamic of our day: it means so much to millions of us on a daily basis, whether it’s the first wake-up shot in the morning or the post-dinner digestif in the evening.

The Black Eagle VA388 has done so much to address this, it’s already a much-treasured coffee machine by baristas all over the globe, so how can we improve on that? The team went beyond a zone of pre-existing ideas, further than the space that exists between the barista and technology, to a twilight plane of potential, a place where inspiration can be facilitated to create something profoundly unique.
We knew we had to give the barista, the Maverick, more.

Not just a bit more control, but complete domination over the temperature, the brew, the steam, even the opportunity to shift instantly between genres of coffee.

So, we gave them brand-new sustainable technology, a system to revolutionise the way they make a cup of coffee.
We gave them the Maverick and took it from there.

Our new T3 Genius technology has been developed to provide the barista with absolute control over their brew by providing them with the tools to allow for meticulous precision,
resulting in outstanding performance and unrivalled efficiency. It’s the next step in our story of innovation and design. And it’s so much more than a bunch of random words and numbers mashed together.

T3 is for 3 different temperatures and Genius represent the improvement of our engine. Yes, we think it’s that good. This is our most advanced technology to date but equally, it’s
user-friendly and sustainable too.


It’s the next step in our story of innovation and design. And it’s so much more than a bunch of random words and numbers mashed together.

  1. Temperature control is a standard feature, but we’ve taken it one step, maybe more of a leap, further with our brand-new engine. It’s more compact, uses less power and we’ve
    considerably ramped up its performance. The Maverick only heats the necessary amount of water for extraction, that’s clever, but it’ll heat up the water to your ideal temperature in seconds. No more waiting around, this machine increases productivity and delivers a faster, better quality cup of coffee.
  2. We’ve doubled the steam pressure and reduced the amount of water required by half, to produce a sweeter, longerlasting foam.
  3. The Black Eagle Maverick recycles as much of the energy it uses as is possible. It’s the most efficient and sustainable espresso machine we’ve ever made. Better for the planet, better for your customer and better for your business.

Gravimetric technology provides the barista with higher levels of consistency and control over the coffee brew by allowing them to read the weight of coffee in the cup from the Group display. And for maximum precision, you can now stop the extraction at the desired weight.

The Black Eagle Maverick App gives you the control and inspiration you need to help you realise your dreams. Allowing you to communicate with your machine. Access the exclusive BE Club content for sneak peaks, tips, tricks & hacks.

Read the latest Victoria Arduino news in VA World. Create and save your own
recipes. Set dose in, dose out, time, and temperature. Score flavour, taste, and tactile profiles. Record and save flow rate. Save to the cloud and share your recipes with the Maverick community. Download Victoria Arduino BE Maverick at Google Play and App Store.

What makes a Maverick? What gives them the courage to pursue a path that know one else can see? Behind every Maverick are innovations that enable them to realise their dreams.

The most noticeable aspect, in terms of design, is that the machine is smaller and more compact. It’s lower too, resting on a set of brand-new feet. In addition to following our policy of sustainability, the new low-profile design has one, fundamentally practical aspect to it as well: it’s easier for the barista to engage with the customer. Before we’ve even got started, that’s going to be good business.

Finally, why have just one Black Eagle
Maverick to look at when you can have five?
Which one will you choose?

Matt Black with Red eagle

Matt Black with Stainless steel eagle

Blue Stone with Stainless steel eagle

Matt White with Stainless steel eagle

Stainless with Stainless steel eagle