Nuova Simonelli presents Oscar Mood

Nuova Simonelli presents Oscar Mood

Nuova Simonelli presents OSCAR Mood, the coffee machine that fits every place where wellbeing and the pleasure of coffee come together.

Oscar Mood is the machine that is specially designed for all those who love to taste milk- and coffee-based drinks at home, in the office and everywhere you can enjoy coffee. The compact dimensions of Oscar Mood allow you to experience a moment of total wellbeing and the pleasure of coffee in a wide variety of places. The machine is easy to use and it also adapts perfectly to the mood of different environments with a range of 4 different colours to choose from: blackguacamoletaupe and red.

Behind the simple, modern lines, clad in steel and contemporary colours, there’s a professional soul that makes it possible for anyone, simply and quickly, to obtain an experience of pleasure and wellbeing in a cup. This is how making coffee and creaming milk sparks your creativity and enables you to explore new drinks, new blends, to offer and discover unique tastes every time.

With Oscar Mood, everyone can make delicious coffee and cappuccino: the steam is button-operated and the professional steam wand has a special ‘cool touch’ coating that prevents the risk of scalding. The control panel incorporates a display for easy reading of dispensing time and is anchored to the group for ergonomic and intuitive functioning.

The dispenser group is thermo-compensated and provides consistent quality pulls. With its 1,200W of power, Oscar Mood incorporates a heat exchanger system and PID to guarantee thermal stability and consistent results. The temperature in the boiler is electronically controlled by a professional pressure switch, whilst the integrated bypass regulates pressure. This is how every drink contributes to creating the right mood for the day!

Oscar Mood comes with significant extra touches to its appearance, such as the wooden filterholder handle, the new steel micropore mesh and the introduction of push-button steam control (instead of the lever). In addition, the range of colours on offer provide a choice of different personalities for Oscar, to match the place it is installed. Oscar Mood is compact enough to take anywhere you want; the water tank makes it really flexible to use and, after switching on, the machine is ready in only 15 minutes.

This is how Nuova Simonelli has extended its range of coffee machines for home use. Following on from Musica and Oscar, here is Oscar Mood to offer a superior coffee experience as part of your total wellbeing.

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