A coffee machine that tells the story of espresso and which is a symbol of handmade espresso machines. The Venus Bar, with its vertical volume, technical devices and the use of precious materials, continues to be a coffee machine still highly appreciated for its old-time design and technology.

The special espresso machine

Venus is the goddess of the Roman pantheon. An exemplary name that evokes the prototype of beauty, the opulence of forms, elegance, grace. The Venus Bar, even today, seems to retain the splendor of the goddess, with its large and sweet mirror surfaces. It is a game that fascinates and conquers. The Venus Bar imposes itself forcefully overcoming and embellishing with its elegant and imposing appearance the daily gesture of enjoying a cup of coffee.

Passionate heart, green soul

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The ‘handmade’ espresso machine
A body hammered by hand and three colors that give it light and brilliance: copper, brass and chrome. Each body of the Victoria Arduino espresso coffee machine is the result of careful work by expert craftsmen who work each piece with great attention. The vertical volume makes the insertion of Venus Bar particularly comfortable on any surface and in any context.

The simplicity and topicality of an over one hundred year old espresso machine

The vertical boiler of Venus Bar creates a drier and warmer steam which guarantees excellent cappuccino creaminess. The possibility of having two or three dispensing groups adapts it to individual needs. Faithful to the reliability criteria of Victoria Arduino professional coffee machines, the Venus Bar has a double safety system consisting of a valve and a thermostat while the hydraulic systems have perfect thermal stability. In the semi-automatic version – more similar to the traditional model – just operate the coffee dispensing lever, while in the volumetric version, just press a button. Hot water and steam are obtained, however, by turning the respective tap. The operation, therefore, is elementary and intuitive and, given the simplicity of the movements and mechanisms,