White Eagle Lever

High or low groups

It is a machine in which Victoria Arduino has combined the modern style and innovative technology of its most recent production, the White Eagle, with the traditional lever infusion system introduced in 1946 in its first machines with horizontal development. A machine that leaves the barista and his professionalism, the wisdom of his gesture in pulling the lever down and then slowly bringing it up, all the art of making and offering coffee.

The charm of lever extraction

The lever system of the professional coffee machine allows the barista to manually modulate the pre-brewing time at each brewing: when the lever is lowered, the hot water from the boiler enters the group by wetting the coffee panel. The more the bartender keeps the lever lowered, the longer the pre-infusion phase will be. The good professional waits for the first drops of coffee to come out of the spout to raise the lever; this means that water has permeated the entire panel of coffee.

Passionate heart, green soul

White Eagle Leva is part of Ongreening, a web portal dedicated to environmental sustainability that spreads the best green building practices all over the world, encouraging the sharing of knowledge.

Lever and technology for excellence in the cup

White Eagle Leva has technical characteristics capable of offering particularly creamy coffees. The secret is in the use of heat exchangers, capable of controlling the water temperature to optimize the quality of the extracted coffee

The art of
making coffee


The pluses of a green and traditional soul

Recyclable materials

The art of making coffee






Cool touch steam wand


Manual control of each delivery


Electric cup warmer


Unique design

Each dispensing group, in fact, manages one liter of water at a time; always fresh (non-stagnant) water reaches the group at a temperature of 110 ° C which then drops to 88 92 ° C. Therefore an optimal temperature for espresso coffee. This system makes the lever different from other machines of the same type. Furthermore, it is also silent, since no electrical component works when the machine makes coffee. With the lever system it takes a few more seconds to extract the espresso compared to a machine with an electronic button, but the customer who waits for his cup of coffee to be able to see the expert manual skills of the expert barista helps him to immerse himself in the the right atmosphere to better savor the taste of espresso.