Victoria Arduino: Eagle Time

Victoria Arduino: Eagle Time, design and productivity

Victoria Arduino, one of the leading brands worldwide in the segment professional coffee machines,   presents the new one Eagle Time, the machine that enriches the range already composed of Black Eagle MaverickEagle One is E1 Before.

Eagle Time is the professional espresso machine dedicated to cafés, restaurants, roasters, chains, pastry shops, bakeries. The new machine combines the iconic brand, the elegant and distinctive design that characterizes the Victoria Arduino range, and high performance productivity.

Victoria Arduino enhances its range with a product from recognizable design and with high production capacity, incorporating technologies that allow you to do business by saving energy and reducing waste.

The simple user interface and software automation allow for quick staff training to prepare milk-based drinks or substantial and good quality vegetable and coffee alternatives quickly and easily. Dal touchscreen display it is possible to set temperatures for each group for the production of different drinks to respond quickly during peak times to the needs of an increasingly heterogeneous clientele. The group with 5 pre-programmed keys promotes faster production and speeds up the workflow also thanks to autopurge and easycream technologies. Automatic group cleaning after releasing the filter holder (autopurge), in fact, speeds up the preparation of drinks and guarantees the cleaning of the components for long life and reduced maintenance. The Easycream technology, instead allows the automatic assembly of milk and vegetable drinks at the right temperature and with the correct dose of cream. Just press the new steam lever to have the correct milk cream for cappuccinos, flatwhite, American and many other drinks.

Technology NEO Victoria Arduino’s (New Engine Optimization) enters Eagle Time guaranteeing not only the temperature stability and therefore the consistency of the result (thanks to the instant heating system and the insulation of the boilers) but also greater productivity, with the installation of a 9 liter steam boiler for the preparation of many milk-based drinks. The patented Victoria Arduino system also allows a energy savings of up to 29% compared to the previous model, the VA358 White Eagle. To the N.E.O. it is also added T.E.R.S. ( Thermal Energy Recovering System ), a patented technical solution capable of recovering the heat of the outgoing water to preheat the incoming water with a further savings of ’ 8%.

Insulated stainless steel boilers have an internal pressure of 2.1 bar which, in collaboration with the electronic steam control Steam-by-Wire allows you to dispense dry steam for better quality drinks and faster preparation.

The functional characteristics of Eagle Time they are linked to new aesthetic details that make it a current machine with strong recognition.Eagle Timewas born from the restyling of the iconic VA358 White Eagle model with updated and minimal lines and shapes. This is the case of the group, which recalls the lines of the profile of the coffee machine and which has backlit soft touch buttons to speed up operations. New design of the driptray which facilitates cleaning as well as purge of the steam lance; the headlights (light points installed under the group, editor’s note) allow you to uniformly illuminate the entire work surface, improving visibility during extraction, while the new steam lance is longer for the use of larger capacity jugs and is also cooltouch, to avoid burns during operation.

The new Victoria Arduino espresso machine is available in four color versions: matt black, matt white, steel and a special heritage version in steel with brass details.

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